Semi Truck Financing

Commercial Financing

Whether you are an independent, small business, or a larger company in the trucking business you will need trucks. That means you will need financing. PBC has 25 years in the industry and as the preferred lender for trucking companies and construction companies; we will help you understand the financing processing.

PBC will walk you through the terms, rates, residuals, and all other details of your personal business needs. We also finance truck trailers and construction equipment. You will never be left to feel alone or adrift during the process. Unlike some other lending processes, this will be one that you will want to share with your family and friends. Working with us will not make you feel that you have been taken advantage of.

We finance all makes of trucks and construction equipment such as Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, HYDRO VAC TRUCKS, Mack, Mitsubishi, and more.

What you will need to secure financing

While requirements vary from lender to lender these are the basic things you will need to secure financing.

  • Data on the truck(s) you plan to buy - the year, brand, model, as well as the condition and mileage information.
  • Doing business with a trustworthy seller – the majority of creditors will only loan money if you deal with a dealer, not a private seller.
  • Respectable credit scores – above average credit scores both business and private scores matter.
  • How long has business been open – The amount of time you have been in business helps determine the financing available to you. PBC Finance works with start up’s to large fleets.
  • A clean credit report – negative marks from late payments or other issues concern lenders and reduces your chance for a loan or a decent interest rate.
  • Money down – just like a personal loan a business loan wants you to have money down this shows lenders that you have enough working capital to cover your payment, insurance, and repair expenses.
  • Insurance for truck(s) - you will need proof of insurance on the truck(s) before you drive them away.