Trailer Financing

Your company needs not only semi-trucks but the trailers to haul cargo as well. PBC can also help you with trailer financing.

Type of Trailers 

What types of trailers do we finance? Reefers, Dry vans, Flat Beds, Drop decks, Oil Tankers, Side Dumps, Roll Offs, end dumps, Lowboy, Stepdeck, RGN, Conestoga, box truck, and sprinter van.

Each of these serves a different purpose. If you haul food to stores then you will need two or three reefers for cold products and several dry vans for those items that do not require refrigeration. However, if you are a construction company and need to move heavy equipment then you will want to have a lowboy or two.

Whatever your business is and whichever type of semi-trailer you need, we will treat you the same way as we do for semi-truck financing. You will not have to worry about a thing. We will be there each step of the way to explain the financing, lending rates, and more.

Trailer uses

Reefer trailers are used for refrigerated products such as frozen foods, dairy products, meat, some produce, and frozen vegetables and fruits, electronic equipment, flowers, medicine, cosmetics, and fine art.

Conestoga trailer is used for specialized and oversized loads, steel products, and machinery.

Lowboy trailer is used to haul construction equipment such as skid loaders.

Dry vans haul dry goods like clothing, dry foods, paper products, or appliances.

Flatbed trailers commonly haul lumber, steel, bricks or blocks, auto parts, excavators, generators, mining/drilling equipment, solar panels, and tubing.

Drop decks are used to haul items that are taller than clearance for bridges, signs, or wire clearance, the drop deck gives extra room on the height so taller items can be transported.

Side Dumps can haul a variety of materials from sand to rocks including larger ones, waste sludge or silage.

Tips for choosing the right trailer

Choosing the right trailer for your company will go smoother if you keep these tips in mind.

  • Know which trailer type carries what type of loads
  • Know the types of loads you will be hauling, the weight and size matters so that you get the right type of trailer
  • Understand your DOT requirements and which roads will allow what weights etc.

What you will need for financing

You will need to know the type of trailer, the age, and the condition of the trailer. You will also need insurance for it to be used on the roads.

A decent credit score will help the process advance. PBC is here to help.

Contact us for a more complete list of things you will need in order to finance a trailer.

Even if you think your credit is not as good as it should be reach out to us we can help. We will explain how the financing works, the interest rates, what type of insurance for the loan you should have, and more. You will never be left to guess about the paperwork, we will walk you through it all just like we do with semi-truck financing. Our goal is to help you get the trailer you need for your business and budget.